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Boating at the Periyar Tiger Reserve

The Periyar Tiger Reserve is South India's most popular wildlife sanctuary. Covering an area 777 km in size around a 26 km artificial lake, the sanctuary is home to about 1000 elephants, about 35 tigers, bison, wild boar, langurs and deer besides a bewildering array of other species. The vegetation of the reserve is made of evergreen and semi evergreen rainforests with the canopy at times reaching a height of 40 to 50 meters. The Periyar and Pamba rivers flow through the forest and at certain times during the day animals come to drink around the large artificial lake. People oriented community based ecotourism is the hallmark of Periyar Tiger Reserve. These programs are conducted by locals who, by taking tourists along not only interpret the values of Periyar and enhance the visitor experience but also add to the protection of the park and earn a livelihood out of it. Hence, when visitors take part in these programs they are directly contributing to the cause of conservation and community welfare. Besides the Periyar Tiger Reserve there are plenty of activities that guests can participate in the in the Thekkady area as well many interesting sightseeing trips that one can go on.

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